Sundance Institute Online Master Classes – Crafting Impactful Pitch Decks, May 21

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MASTER CLASS: Crafting Impactful Pitch Decks for Film & TV, Presented by IMDbPro

Are you ready to take your storytelling to the next level? Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, writer, or content creator, crafting a pitch that captivates producers, financiers, and collaborators is crucial. We’re excited to invite you to an exclusive Master Class on Crafting Compelling Pitch Decks for Film and TV, presented by IMDbPro!

In this insightful session, industry professionals Alexandra Barreto, Taylor Feltner, and DMA Anderson will guide you through the art of creating a professional pitch deck that effectively communicates your story’s world, nuances, style, and tone. Learn what elements make a pitch deck stand out, whether you’re developing an independent film, a television series, or a documentary.


Tuesday, May 21st
10 am – 1 pm PT


Topics Include:
  • The breakdown of a pitch deck and its strategic use
  • Differences in pitch deck strategies between independent feature films and television
  • Unique considerations for documentary films
  • Design tips to enhance your project’s visual impact
  • Crafting the deck to attract collaborators, buyers, or investors
  • Tools for creating polished pitch decks, even without a graphic designer
  • Effective use of pitch decks in both in-person and virtual settings
As a bonus, thanks to IMDbPro’s generous support, this Master Class is free to attend. Plus, attendees will receive preferred pricing on a premium membership for IMDbPro, a must-have resource for entertainment industry professionals.