Equity in Film

Diversity + Equity + Inclusion = Opportunity For All

We advocate for increasing state and local incentives, as well as other collective impact corporate and community support to position NE Ohio to be able to better capitalize on the growing film and media production industry and become a favored destination for film and media production that has brought over $1.38 billion in gross economic output and 7,092 full-time equivalent jobs since 2009.   
Through our relationships with studios and producers we attract economic investment that not only contributes millions of dollars annually, but through the creative storytelling lens of film, stimulates cultural sensibilities which appeal to the diverse community mosaic that is Greater Cleveland.  
We educate in general about the economic value and return on investment to the community inherent in the business of filmmaking, while empowering Greater Cleveland’s underserved population through connecting vendors seeking to do business with film production companies, promoting exposure to, hands-on training in, and the development of the skills needed for a successful career in an industry that can be lucrative and fun yet doesn’t require a college degree. 
The Greater Cleveland Film Commission is deeply committed to a corporate and community culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, leading to true equal opportunity for all Greater Cleveland’s citizens.  We work collectively with our stakeholders to protect and promote diverse people, places, and experiences that help tell America’s stories equitably and inclusively.
We define diversity as the meaningful participation of myriad groups in the cultural and economic development driven by our efforts, including but not limited to race, age, religious beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical/mental ability, ethnicity, perspective, and geography.
We define equity as the development of policies and practices that help all communities gain access to the resources, opportunities, and networks required to reach their full potential.

We define inclusion as authentic engagement of diverse groups in real personal and professional development, leading to an enhanced sense of belonging. 

We are the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, where D + E + I = O

AFCI & TIME’S UP Foundation Diversity Report

The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) and the TIME’S UP Foundation recently released its Diversity Report 2020, A Study of AFCI Member and Partner Diversity Initiatives. The Olsberg SPI study “provides a snapshot of the diversity initiatives currently employed by film commissions around the globe” in an effort to help AFCI members and their partners “improve their support and to provide the industry with intelligence on key initiatives in territories around the globe.”

As a member of the AFCI, the GCFC has taken the recommendations in this study and compiled a Resources page. This page provides links to local organizations and programs to help you join in our commitment to equity and inclusion in the Northeast Ohio film media production industry.