Film Finance

40 Production Finance Terms Every Filmmaker Should Know

Your quick guide to everything from basic film financing terminology to complex legal language.

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How to Finance a Film: 9 Ways to Get Funding for Your Film

Financing is the most crucial aspect of any film project because the production team needs funding to pay for every step of the filmmaking process. Securing funding for a film project can be an arduous task for filmmakers, but there are many viable financing options available to pursue.

Essential Guide: Film Financing
Author: Loring Weisenberger

To most independent filmmakers, the topic of film financing can seem intimidating at best. Let’s start with the basics.

American Film Market Resources – Finance

Resources for producers including trends in Hollywood dealmaking & sharing of profits, film financing in a VOD World, what the data says, and more.

Three Point Capital (TPC)

TPC provides multi-faceted financial solutions for all creators – tailored to specific projects and needs. Make your creative ideas a reality by leveraging our exceptional lending, servicing, brokerage, and accounting capabilities.  

Monarch Private Capital – Monarch Film Credits

Monarch Private Capital helps producers monetize their film and television tax credits, which creates thousands of jobs annually in filming jurisdictions that offer transferable tax credits. The productions also support many local businesses, including hospitality, restaurants and caterers, retail, and other service companies in filming locations.  

BondIt Media Capital

BondIt Media Capital is a world-renowned film, television and media financier founded in 2013. Based in Santa Monica, BondIt is a flexible financing partner for projects, producers and media companies alike.

BondIt Offers: Film Union Deposits, Minimum Guarantees, GAP Loans, Bridge Loans, Sales Receivables, Tax Credit Loans, & Working Capital