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Entertainment Partners helped shape the entertainment industry by revolutionizing production accounting with its flagship SmartAccounting solution, acquiring the iconic Central Casting, the leading background actor database, building integrated digital solutions, and much more. With 40 years of experience, EP is the industry leader in Production Finance and Production Management, delivering integrated, cloud-based digital solutions supporting every phase of production. Since our founding, we’ve supported tens of thousands of productions—from Hollywood blockbusters to indie breakthroughs—and continue to provide the innovative solutions powering the industry’s most creative works.


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Wrapbook is a smart production payroll platform built by industry veterans. We connect your entire team—producers, accountants, cast, and crew—in a single, intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage your entire production.


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Resources for Documentary Filmmakers and Creators

IDA supports the international docking community with hand-on resources, insight from industry experts and meaningful opportunities. IDA dives into every nuance of documentary filmmaking through their extensive resources – so whether you’re a student, emerging or established filmmaker, there’s always something new to learn, and build your work.