Grants & Funding

Artists and creatives positively affect our lives and our region every day. Their work has the power to transcend barriers and unite people, to promote healing, and to highlight social injustices leading to just and equitable change.  

Introducing the 2024 Creative Impact Fund (CIF), an unrestricted grant designed to support the growth of an artist’s creative practice and advance their impact on our region. The CIF will award seventeen (17) artists and creatives with $10,000 in unrestricted funds in addition to business development support.

Forward-thinking artists who have been creating impactful and inventive artistic work for three or more years in the disciplines of craft, dance, design, film, interdisciplinary work, media, music, theatre & performance, traditional/folk arts, visual art, and writing/literary art are encouraged to apply. This funding opportunity is open to artists and creatives who live and work in Cuyahoga County.   


  • $10,000 in unrestricted funds  
  • Business and professional development support opportunities, including marketing  
  • Dedicated support from Assembly staff including advise on achieving creative goals for the grant year  
  • Networking opportunities, including connections to institutional partners, thought partners or potential collaborators  
  • Promotion of the as a Creative Impact Fund awardee on Assembly’s website, social media 
  • Special access to opportunities as they arise throughout the year  
  • An Assembly for the Arts membership  


Roy W. Dean Summer Grant: DEADLINE JUNE 30TH, $3,500 & Donated Services

Filmmakers can apply at  

Prize includes:


What sets apart the Roy W. Dean Film Grants from other grants is that every applicant has the opportunity to receive a 15-minute consultation on their film.  Filmmakers can get advice on how to find funding, build up a database of donors or investors, market their film, and more. 

“Wow! This was one of the most valuable conversations I’ve had about getting a short film produced. So much insight and support: really incredible!” Andrew Jonathan Smith

For more information on the grant, please email [email protected] or call 805-984-0098


  • Summer Grant Application, Deadline: June 30th
  • Fall Grant Application, Deadline: October 31st
  • Carole Dorothy Joyce Grant, Deadline: November 30th


The (Egg)celerator Lab is focused on identifying and supporting nonfiction directors working on their first or second feature-length documentary. This program brings together ten projects, with a special focus on women and gender-expansive directors.

In this year-long program, these ten projects will receive:

  • $40,000 USD in grant funding for the production of their feature-length film
  • Monthly mentorship with Chicken & Egg Pictures’ team members
  • Two creative retreats focused on career building and creative development
  • Tailored industry meetings and funder connections
  • Peer support from the (Egg)celerator Lab cohort

The Chicken & Egg Pictures (Egg)celerator Lab for first- and second-time directors is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, and through general operating support from our wonderful community of donors and grantmakers.

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Grants

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture believes that investing in arts and culture inspires our community, builds stronger neighborhoods and ultimately enhances the quality of life for all Cuyahoga County residents. 

This is achieved through our primary grants: General Operating Support, Project Support, and Cultural Heritage.

Assembly for the Arts: Financial & Funding Resources

Assembly for the Arts is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a focus on advocacy, cultural policy, racial equity initiatives, research, marketing that elevates the region, and services for nonprofits, artists, and creative businesses. Put simply, Assembly is here to “expand the pie” and increase equity in Cleveland’s arts and culture industries. It is governed by a volunteer board with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. More than 50% of Assembly for the Arts board members are women or non-binary people and more than 40% are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Assembly by design operates in close partnership with Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, a government agency and Assembly for Action, a 501(c)4 political action nonprofit to serve the entire creative sector.

Rapid Action Grants

The Rapid Action Grant is designed to help boost artists’ ability to fund their creative projects and fill in the gaps when immediate needs arise. Cuyahoga County-based artists can request funds up to $2000* for immediate expenses. Applications are reviewed in the order that they are received and on a rolling basis throughout the year until all program funds have been distributed. 

Ohio Arts Council Grants

The Ohio Arts Council’s grant programs are grouped into four categories supporting organizations, arts learning, and individual artists:

  • Operating Support | Awards to support an organization’s operations  
  • Project Support | Awards to support organizational projects 
  • Arts Learning | Awards to support purpose-driven experiences for educators and learners of all ages 
  • Individual Artists | Awards that recognize excellence, preserve cultural traditions, and offer developmental support 
  • Learn more about the grants they offer in each category by clicking here.

Artists with Disabilities Access Program | Provides funding that gives individual artists with disabilities the resources they need to further their artistic development. Creative expression by artists of all abilities is essential to building dynamic and diverse communities throughout Ohio. ADAP awards help artists with disabilities advance their artistic practices, making Ohio a more accessible and inclusive place to build an artistic career. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Opportunities For Artists

SPACES commissions artists from around the world—at all stages of their careers—to make new work that is responsive to timely issues. They use these projects as a jumping off point to create educational initiatives that help develop a more informed citizenry. They also distribute grants to artists outside of their residency and exhibition programs.

Think Outside The Box Office

In writing his book Think Outside the Box Office (TOTBO), Jon Reiss drew on his own experiences distributing his film Bomb It, in addition to interviews with countless other filmmakers, distributors, publicists, web programmers, festival programmers and marketing experts to create the first step-by-step nuts and bolts guide to marketing and distributing a film in the 21st century. Jon’s goal was to provide a written resource to help other filmmakers and media content creators achieve their goals in distributing and marketing their films.

This mission continues, but now includes a live educational experience to accompany the information found in the book. 

Decentralized Pictures Foundation

Decentralized Pictures (DCP) is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization seeking to discover new and innovative filmmaking talent. They run a democratic film fund that allows their online community of creatives, film fans, and industry professionals to decide who is most deserving of their support. Submit your film idea, and if the world loves it, they’ll help you make it.

Andrews/Bernard Award

Steven Soderbergh’s production company, Extension 765, launched a $300,000 pot of money in April on DCP’s platform. The Andrews/Bernard Award will help multiple filmmakers find the funds needed to finish their English-language fiction features or shorts.

INCLUDES 1 – $100,000 GRANT AND 1 – $200,000 GRANT