Friends, Fans, and Film Fanatics:

Have any of you ever attended one of GCFC’s past events and wondered how everything comes together when our office is made up of five people? Frankly, so have we.

 As our events continue to get bigger, we have realized that we can’t do it on our own, so we’re calling for people like you – longtime supporters who are dedicated to the mission and vision of GCFC, to come lend a hand.

What kind of fun, exciting things will you be expected to do? How about:

  • Checking in guests at a screening or fundraising event!
  • Handing out swag (while everyone is jealous of yours)!
  • Directing event attendees to their destination!
  • Acting as all-around rule enforcer and fun supervisor!

In exchange for all this, you’ll get our deep appreciation, the satisfaction of making our events possible and a super cool exclusive shirt to wear while you work. (Plus secret perks that we’re keeping to ourselves for the moment.) Sign up for our volunteer email list HERE to be the first to find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Any more questions? Contact Development Coordinator Juli Johnson Piller at [email protected].