These 23 movies, shows are being filmed all over Ohio | Yahoo News (WJW)

SOURCE: Yahoo News (WJW) | Celeste Hormard
February 17, 2024

CLEVELAND (WJW) – The state of Ohio is giving $44 million in tax credits to film TV series and feature films across the state.

The Ohio Department of Development announced earlier this week that $44 million is being awarded through the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit Program.

“Investing in these productions fuels the vibrant creativity that’s alive in Ohio’s communities and serves as a powerful catalyst for economic growth,” Ohio Department of Development Director Lydia Mihalik said in a press release. “These projects celebrate and showcase our diverse landscapes, generate jobs, stimulate local businesses, and create a lasting legacy for the arts in Ohio.”

The tax credits are going to 23 different productions, which are expected to create 530 full-time jobs, according to the release.

TV series and feature films being awarded include:

  • An Interesting Life Season 2, Southwest Ohio, $432,300
  • WWE 2024, Ohio, $1,675,986
  • Nightmare Transmission Season 2, Ashland/Columbus, $265,247.40
  • Heartland Horror Chronicles Season 1, Crestline, $129,444
  • Christmas on Main, Ashland, $148,842
  • Kings of Vegas, Cleveland, $105,878.25
  • Genesis, Cleveland/Cincinnati, $11,091,686.70
  • Superthief, Northeast Ohio, $5,296,260.30
  • Alarum, Cincinnati, $5,863,392.30
  • Epiphany, Cincinnati, $6,052,988.40
  • Stained Glass, Southwest Ohio, $3,026,255
  • The Marshal, Southwest Ohio, $2,380,988.40
  • Nutcracker’s Mustache, Dayton/Cincinnati, $2,008,106.70
  • The Last of the Big-time Promoters, Southwest Ohio, $985,500
  • Never Quit, The Todd Crandell Story, Toledo, $1,256,153.40
  • Harbor Master, Northeast Ohio, $1,113,364.80
  • Down to the Felt, Columbus, $385,853.70
  • Oscar’s Options, Cincinnati, $823,269.60
  • Slay, Columbus, $519,603.60
  • The Forgotten Chord, Columbus, $115,651.50
  • Heavenly Wickedness, Ashtabula, $110,625
  • Cannonballer, Summit, $148,371
  • Aimless, Columbus, $93,313.50

The project costs total nearly $503 million in production expenses and $146.7 million in total eligible production expenses.

The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit was created in 2009 to encourage and develop a strong film industry in Ohio, according to the release. The program provides a tax credit of 30% on production cast and crew wages and other in-state spending for eligible productions.