‘The Marksman’ Trailer: Liam Neeson Takes On A Mexican Cartel In His Latest Action-Thriller

SOURCE: The Playlist | Charles Barfield
December 5, 2020

Another month, another Liam Neeson film where he’s a man with a particular set of skills and up against seemingly unfavorable odds. This time, no one in his family was, uh, taken. Instead, he gains a kid that he has to protect in the upcoming film, “The Marksman.”

As seen in the trailer for “The Marksman,” Neeson plays a former Marine sharpshooter that lives in a border town in Arizona. While out and about, he comes across a woman and her son trying to enter the U.S. illegally. When the mother is suddenly killed, she entrusts Neeson with her young son and a mission to take him to some family in Chicago, while one of the most ruthless Mexican drug cartels is hot on their tracks. Will Neeson survive? Of course, he will; we know how this movie is going to play out! But it’s always fun to watch!