Young Filmmakers Academy

Young Filmmakers Academy teaches students the ins and outs of filmmaking throughout the year.

Founded in 2017 by award-winning film and TV producer Eric Swinderman, Young Filmmakers Academy is like no other program in Northeast Ohio. Created on the principles of creativity, inclusion, diversity, and teamwork, YFA is dedicated to offering a safe, structured environment where aspiring young artists can learn to express themselves, meet like-minded friends, have fun, and feel comfortable. 

Through avenues like The renowned Summer Filmmaking Program, The 8 Week Film School and various Focused Learning courses, our students learn the ins and outs of screenwriting, cinematography, editing, digital effects, set design and more under the guidance of experienced industry professionals.

Studies show that children involved in the arts excel in all other areas of social and educational development. Arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.

Young Filmmakers Academy offers a varied curriculum with programs for all levels of interest that are sure to awaken your child’s inner Spielberg.


8 Week Film School is a comprehensive film studies program specifically designed for kids and teens ages 10-17. Movies are an important part of our lives and more and more kids are becoming interested in how they are made. YFA’s eight-week program is designed to give your child a crash course in how to create professional movies from start to finish.


Beginner & Advanced Summer Film Camps, aspiring young storytellers aged 8-17 build skills in writing, directing, cinematography, set design special effects makeup, editing, digital effects and even acting to produce an original short film, all under the guidance of our faculty of professional filmmakers and directors.


Focused Learning Courses are four-week training programs that allow students to really focus on individual aspects of film and TV making. YFA is excited to offer courses in Screenwriting, Acting, Sketch Comedy and Special Effects Makeup.