Tri-C Film Academy Upcoming Workshops

Overview of the Academy
Tri-C’s Film Academy is an intensive program that offers a streamlined series of courses designed to maximize professional instruction in a fraction of the time. The goal is to train a workforce for hire in entry-level positions on broadcast, film, commercial, video game or industrial productions in Northeast Ohio and the surrounding region. Courses serve as the beginning of a student’s industry networking experience and the first step toward getting a foot in the door of the local motion picture production industry.


  • Understand the pre-production and production processes of filmmaking.
  • Taught by industry professionals who can hire or recommend participants for hire.
  • Network with film industry professionals and other trainees.
  • Access to educational opportunities in the moving image industries.
  • Scholarships are available. Workforce Training Scholarship Information

Meet Your Instructors


Tri-C’s Film Academy courses were developed with help from the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, industry professionals and members of IATSE Local 209 with the goal of properly training and growing the media industry workforce in Northeast Ohio. The training is designed to give maximum professional instruction in a fraction of the time while providing networking opportunities with industry professionals and fellow trainees.

Studios shooting movies in Cleveland look to hire as many local crewmembers as possible. Those jobs go to people who can walk onto a set and know what to do, and producers know they can find skilled entry-level workers at the Tri-C Film Academy.

Paying for Non-Credit Classes

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Hair & Make-Up for Film & TV with Sue Prosser & Korrey Robinson
May 18th, 9 am – 4 pm
Cost: $100 (Scholarships available. Contact Olivia Villasenor.)

Calling all cosmetologists and beauty professionals! Have you ever wanted to put your skills to work in the film industry? This one-day workshop is for you!

Join make-up artist Sue Prosser (Take Shelter, White Boy Rick) and hair stylist Korrey Robinson (Shirley, Mayor of Kingstown) as they share practical expertise on how to transfer your cosmetology training to the world of film and TV.

Topics covered:

  • Hair and make-up continuity
  • Industry terminology and department hierarchy
  • How to read a call sheet
  • What to bring to set
  • Resumes and where to find work

This workshop is for hair and make-up professionals looking to transfer their skills to film and TV. Participants should already have a working knowledge of hair styling and make-up application, as these skills will not be taught during the workshop.


Set PA Workshop
June 7th – 9th, 9 am – 4 pm
Cost $150 (Scholarships available. Contact Olivia Villasenor)

This introductory workshop offers practical hands-on training to prepare you for a career as a production assistant on a movie set. Explore responsibilities, other positions and hierarchy, walkie-talkie and set etiquette and lingo, call sheet and sides creation, production paperwork, resume writing and next steps.

Trainees will be able to provide clerical and administrative duties to production departments such as: organizing travel to locations; making copies of scripts; and maintaining schedules. Assist and coordinate with all key departments on a TV or motion picture set.