Script Supervisor CEO Workshop with Jennifer Carriere

Learn how to get your start with script supervisor Jennifer Carriere (Ruthless, Watchmen, Max)

This free 90-minute webinar will teach you how to be a successful Script Supervisor, an essential part of production that is also in high demand. This presentation will help you advance your career by working closely with Producers, Directors, Actors, and Screenwriters.

What does a Script Supervisor do?

Let’s bust some myths about this highly misunderstood and overlooked film role! Right out of the gate: the title “Script Supervisor” is a misnomer. It tells only a tiny fraction of the full story. A more accurate definition of this influential film boss position is a “mini-director” / “mini-producer” / “screenwriter representative” / “actor wingman” / “editor advocate”, all rolled into one amazing film job. The position ties together no fewer than five creative filmmaking disciplines! Because true understanding of this powerful position is so scant , the industry is desperate for more of them – there aren’t enough to go around. The Script Supervisor is the baddest boss on set! You’re a step ahead of the director, thinking like a producer, talking story and performance with actors, and hanging out all day with artists who also happen to be major action-takers.