Get Cleveland Film Certified Online!

We are excited to offer the exclusive online training program, FilmSkills!

With FilmSkills, you will learn what it takes to work in the film industry, from being a Production Assistant to finding the department you want to work in, with courses from over 150 leading Hollywood filmmakers.

Each course includes lessons which provide relevant, employer-driven curriculum and program certifications. The courses cover the creative, business, and crew aspects of production.

Beginners courses start at just $79.00 per course.

Trainees will receive certification in the GCFC Beginner Film Readiness Program upon successful completion of the first three courses: Breaking Into the Film IndustrySafety Training Course, and Working On Location.

Advanced certifications can also be earned within specializations like cinematography, directing, screenwriting and more.

Certifications can also be listed under registered profiles in the GCFC Crew & Vendor Database.

Click HERE to start learning today!

For questions about filmskills, please contact Production Coordinator Mike Wendt at [email protected] or 216-344-7401.