Drone Training with V1DroneMedia

V1DroneMedia is dedicated to training others to operate drones in a safe, reliable, and responsible manner. Our Chief Pilot, Jason Damman, is a certified flight instructor (CFI), holds FAA ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate and FAA Part 107 drone license. He is a subject matter expert in national airspace and FAA regulations through his 20 years of experience in commercial airlines, and 7 years of V1DroneMedia commercial drone operations. He is also an instructor at the Tri-C Drone Academy For First Responders, provides classes and course work through Lorain County Community College (LCCC), and custom on-demand training to groups and individuals. We are also a founding member of the North Coast Drone Alliance, a non-profit drone professional association in the Northeast Ohio region, connecting and educating drone professionals in all industries and sectors.

We offer a variety of drone training classes geared toward your interest and skill level. If you would like to learn more about drone technology, its uses, and growth in applications in various industries, check out our pre-recorded Drones for Business Educational Webinar.









Here at V1DroneMedia, we know the importance of getting hands-on experience flying the drone with professional guidance during your drone pilot training.

Our company was born after a long career in manned aviation, which stresses the importance of flight hours for a pilot’s training and passing ‘check rides’ with instructors before flying as a fully accredited pilot.

This is why we are now offering Hands-On Drone Flight Training, tailored to your skill level and desired goals. During a typical session you will:

  • Meet with our expert drone flight instructor at a convenient outdoor location
  • Learn to fly on your drone or on a DJI drone provided by the instructor
  • Get acquainted with the drone flight apps
  • Conduct pre-flight and post-flight checklists
  • Practice flying to master orientation, flight maneuvers, and more advanced flight skills
  • Learn about intelligent flight modes and try them out
  • Capture photos and video
  • Learn about common flight issues and how to handle them
  • Learn basic safety principles of flying a drone
  • Ask questions about drone laws, operations, careers, and more


  • 1 Person – $265, 2-Hour Session
  • 2 People Group – $450, 2.5 Hour Session
  • 3 People Group – $565, 3-Hour Session


Ready to take the 1st step?

If you are are looking to fly drones for fun (as a hobby), or are exploring drones for a business opportunity but are not sure if you want to get your Part 107 license, get your TRUST Certificate within an hour, and go fly your drone to explore that hobby or a business!

Watch our TRUST Test YouTube VLOG to learn what TRUST Test is and how to get the certificate (click on the button below). Spoiler: FAA requires you to have the TRUST Certificate even if you are flying your drone for fun.


Do you have questions or would like us to post a blog or a video on a certain drone topic you are interested in? Contact us at [email protected] to let us know!