New Site, Same Mission

Welcome to GCFC’s new website, complete with this new thing we’re trying that no one has done before: a blog.

It is our hope that you will join us here periodically for insight into what we do here at GCFC day-to-day, to learn about what’s happening in the local media production industry, meet the people who work in and for that industry (crew members, actors, game developers, business owners and educators, just to name a few), and become generally more involved with the vision of GCFC. For those who don’t know:

The vision of the GCFC is to achieve increased economic development in Northeast Ohio by using the artistic and culturally enriching activities of film and other media production to strengthen the workforce, support the media production industry and attract media production to the region.

We refreshed our website’s look and functionality precisely with you in mind. We wanted the home page to be a center of information for everyone in our community, so that we can empower and engage working and aspiring production professionals, people who want to help bring jobs and economic impact to Northeast Ohio, and even people who might just plain like movies, television, video games or any other sort of entertainment medium that is being made right here in Cleveland.

Take some time to look around. We have some new areas to the site that weren’t here before.

  • We’ve added a “Membership” page for our brand new GCFC Membership program.
  • Our new “Videos” page will feature testimonials, sizzle reels and other interesting clips that help show our community what GCFC is all about.
  • The “Filmed in Cleveland” section has a fresh design, allowing you to browse movie posters and watch trailers for the many films that have come through our fair city.

If it’s not yet apparent, all of this (our blog, our redesign, and our vision) is about you.

From the people on set, to the businesses supporting production.

From students embarking on a career right in their own backyard, to those currently in the workforce looking to start something new.

You are the reason we work every day to bring jobs and economic impact to Northeast Ohio.

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