War On The Diamond

The Indians and Yankees, both in a tight race with the White Sox, met at the Polo Grounds on August 16th, 1920. In the fifth inning, Mays threw one of his “submarine” pitches that hit Chapman in the head. Chapman collapsed at the plate. He was rushed to the hospital and died the next day. Grief tore through Cleveland and the pivotal moment led to an explosion on and off the field. The Indians, sparked by the addition of young shortstop Joe Sewell, recovered in time to win their first World Series Title. What resulted was a rivalry that would last 100 years. The rivalry featured fights on the field, tension-filled fans, exciting pennant races, championship glory, hall of famers, and one prominent Clevelander, George Steinbrenner, who was denied the chance to own his hometown team and would go on to buy the Yankees, which the family still owns.

WAR ON THE DIAMOND explores why one of the richest rivalries between the Indians and Yankees still boils to this day. Based on the award-winning book by Mike Sowell, “The Pitch That Killed.”