Way Up + Childhood Cancer Society Seeking Interns

Way Up is partnering with the Childhood Cancer Society to hire top talent, and is seeking multiple interns.

Graphic Design Intern (Course Credit Eligible)

The responsibilities of the Graphic Design Intern will be to work hand in hand with our Social Media Team to create fun and creative content for our communication strategies. You will be invited to attend our Brain Trust Meetings which take place twice a week for an hour over Zoom to discuss communication strategies for our platforms. The internship period lasts 4 months. One such platform is our main entertainment partner, Adventure Ted, which is the name of our superhero teddy bear who helps children overcome challenges.


Video Production Team Intern (Course Credit Eligible)

As a member of the Video Production Team you are an invaluable member of the Childhood Cancer Society (CCS)! Members of this team work directly with the Chief Media Officer of CCS on producing/editing videos that are critical to the foundation’s communication strategies. Through this 4 month internship, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse team of individuals from across the nation to help CCS deliver its message of hope, positivity, and adventure.


Animator (Course Credit/Community Service Credit Available)

As an Animator for the Childhood Cancer Society, you are an invaluable member of the team! Through this 4 month program, you will be working with our team of diverse individuals from across the nation to brining short videos of our super hero teddy bear, Adventure Ted, to life! These videos will be used to bring awareness to our cause in a fun, comical, and exciting way! Animators will be expected to participate in productions of The Adventure Ted Chronicles.