Join the Near West Theatre Crew

Near West Theatre is now hiring crew for any show in their season.

Learn how to backstage operations work, while building your community network.

Crew provides critical backstage magic. That table? A crew member placed it. His special effects makeup? They created it. Those faces that you see? They’re lighting them! NWT’s crew varies from show to show, but one thing that remains is each group’s dedication to making all of the technical aspects come to life.

One of the awesome parts about NWT’s community is this: many of our actors spend time helping out with crew when they are not in shows. This means our participants are getting a well-rounded theatre experience, both onstage and off!

Roles Include:

  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Spotlight Operators
  • Props Assistants
  • Wardrobe Assistants
  • Makeup Assistants

These opportunities are open to ages 13 and up, and the commitment begins two weeks before the run of a show, and continues through closing night.