Casting Extras for Feature Film “Genesis”

Angela Boehm Casting will be casting Extras a Motion Capture Performer for the Feature Film ‘GENESIS’ in Cleveland.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. We are receiving many questions about ‘Genesis’ coming to Cleveland and Cincinnati. ALL of the information below is incredibly important, so please take your time reading. Read through a few times before you fill out the form to submit for work on this project.

Project: ‘Genesis’ – A Warner Brothers Feature Film

  • Cleveland Shoot Dates: June 17th- July 16th
  • Cincinnati Shoot Dates: July 17th -July 18th

Background Rate: $12/hour with a guarantee of 8 hours ($96/8). Filming days are often 12-14 hours long, but you will still be compensated if you are let out before 8 hours.
Overtime pay begins after 8 hours.

Stand-In Rate: $13/hour with a guarantee of 8 hours ($104/8). We will be looking for stand-ins for several cast. If you are interested in stand in work, please see the link below- (Note: must have extreme flexibility for these parts)

Our stand-ins will be working with our director and main cast. You must be professional and be willing to interview with production for this position if needed. Overtime pay begins after 8 hours.

Kids: We do have several background roles for kids. If your child is interested, please fill out a separate form for them. PLEASE NOTE: a parent or guardian must be on set at all times.

Please fill out a form at this link:

NOTE: This form is ONLY for your general information. When we have specific dates for specific roles, we will put out separate forms for those.

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Excited to work with you all soon.