Zahrya’s Takes

On the perks of being a student intern…

The best perk of all is getting the experience of work before I can actually work , I say this because as a 14 year old girl there aren’t a lot of job opportunities that will open themselves up to me. I can use this as experience on resumes and any other opportunity I apply for.

Another great perk is co-working with adults , they show me how to be mature and how to have fun in the workplace. This is important because you can always have fun but it must be productive. I can apply these encounters as connections with people who work in film.

The final perk is interacting with people in the field I hope to succeed in one day. Seeing as I want to be a screenplay writer this internship lines up perfectly with the jobs I hope to get in the very near future. This will give me background knowledge and support my choice to go into film.

On what it’s like at GCFC…

My agenda on Wednesdays is as follows: I arrive around 8:45 to start working around 9. Following this we usually have a staff meeting from about 10-12 . Around 12, I go to lunch, then around 1:30 I am scouting until about 3:00. Once I return I will finish up any work before leaving around 4:15.

At GCFC it’s like a group of friends who decided to start a business together and have stayed together since. They are all here to help each other and I have learned that they have my best interest at heart, they want to see me succeed in my career and they will do anything necessary to help me out.