Meet the Intern: Vera Howard

Hi there! My name is Vera Howard, I am an independent filmmaker. I’ve established my own film production company called “Arev Studios, LLC” in the year 2021. Here is a link to my website: I am currently enrolled at Cuyahoga Community College to obtain my Associates Degree of Arts and plan on completing this path in the year 2024.

Filmmaking has always been a strong passion for me. Ever since acting in stage plays back in elementary school, I knew I had a place in this industry. From there, I started writing and creating my own short films that elevated me into filming my own videos. I continue to create my own content till this day. Now I am looking forward to expanding my talents with a professional company, such as GCFC, that will give me that opportunity.

I hope to bring a positive light on different races of people through the lens of diversity, equality and inclusion. Passion and dedication are only a few important aspects that a person should have in this industry. I believe having knowledge from earning a degree in this field, would help certain individuals, but most individuals thrive on their own creativity. Being creative is one of the most important attributes for a team on a production project. Soon, my hopes are to become a well-known Director in this film industry. Here is a link to my YouTube channel where my video production work can be viewed.