Meet the Intern: Sarai Murdock

Hi, my name is Sarai Murdock. I am a multidisciplinary artist who just graduated from Cleveland School of the Arts (CSA) as a Integrated Arts major and as Valedictorian with 41 College Credits. Since I was a little girl, I’ve had many interests. 

My writing journey is what led me to explore filmmaking. I published my first book Bully Free Zone: how to stand up for yourself when I was 13 years old, and then transitioned into poetry writing. I started out as a playwright in elementary school, and started to explore screenwriting in middle school after a story I wrote was chosen to be turned into a film. When Covid hit, I took on multiple roles in my practice including: acting, directing, editing, cinematography, producing music, etc. One of my biggest lessons this year was learning how beneficial and fun it is to collaborate with others.

At CSA, seniors create a final project specific to their major. As an Integrated Arts major, I decided to make a film that incorporated multiple art forms including: dance, poetry, guitar, acting, and more. I performed all of these art forms myself. I wanted to give an opportunity to other creatives to express themselves as well, so I found local models and actors to take part in my film. Eric Floyd, CSA’s alumni and school videographer, worked as my cameraman. With the help of my peers, I was able to produce a school film that got me a perfect score, and helped me share an important message to everyone. Don’t be afraid to be different, and don’t neglect the present you. Live in the moment sometimes, because the future is constantly around us. My film “Evolve” can be found on my youtube channel: Sirizworld where I also make other youtube content such as vlogs and more. As a content creator, I like to keep people updated with events and projects I’m a part of/ behind on my instagram page: @siriz_world_. 

I chose to intern at Greater Cleveland Film Commission because I trust that they will support me, and contribute to the growth that I have as an artist. I was honored to take GCFC’s FilmSkills High School Lecture Series as a Junior at CSA, and have been to several of their events. By doing so I was able to meet some amazing people and learn a lot about the industry. Through this internship I hope to learn more about myself as a filmmaker, and develop and improve my skills even more to achieve my goals.