Meet the Intern: Olivia Wulff

My name is Olivia Wulff and I am a junior at Trinity High School in Garfield Heights. Trinity has a program called the Pre-Professional Internship Program. It allows us to intern in a field we may be interested in in our future. We go once a week for most of the school year. I’m very grateful for all the opportunities given to me through this program and the experience I have earned.

Ever since I was little, I have loved being creative and making things on my own. I would watch Youtube videos on different DIY’s and search on Pinterest for crafts to do. If I found a video/tutorial on how to make something, I would make it instead of wasting money at the store. I know I want to utilize this skill in my future.

My sophomore year at Trinity, I had to decide what Internship Track I wanted to go into. I have never really known what I want to do or major in, but I decided I would give graphic design a shot, since I had learned a little bit about it in my Art 1 class. I took an introductory class to learn about the basics of different Adobe programs and the art behind graphic design. It was cool to be creative and design logos and make a stop motion film based on hundreds of pictures all designed by me. I love being able to brainstorm in my head and then design a final product and see what I have made.

Continuing into my junior year I have decided to continue on in the graphic design program. I’m so excited to have my junior year internship at the Cleveland Film Commision. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and always find projects for me to do based on my interests. I’ve been going on scouts in the downtown Cleveland area, designing graphics for the GCFC’s social media pages and doing normal office work. I’m so excited and cannot wait to continue and improve in my abilities and interests throughout my year here!

One of the core pillars of GCFC’s mission is workforce development. We work with local educators to help students who have a desire to enter a career in media production gain exposure to the industry. Throughout the year, several opportunities are available to students interested in the media production industry to come work with us and learn not only about the industry, but also about non-profit organizations and day-to-day office life. We also host students for limited time shadowing and senior projects, which can last anywhere from one day to one week.