Meet the Intern: Nora Konrad

Hi! My name is Nora Konrad and I’m a Film & Media Studies student at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts! I graduated from Shaker Heights High School in 2022, where I was president of the Film Club. I love writing, and I particularly enjoy writing screenplays—which are most commonly coming-of-age stories.

After college, I hope to work as a creative producer, specifically in the development area. While I enjoy writing and directing on my own, I also value film as a collaborative art form and hope to work on independent films. I also value experiences where I can travel and meet new people, so I hope to one day find work that allows me to explore new places and work with other creatives.

Oftentimes I feel split between my academic and creative sides, and I hope to create my own path where I can do both. I hope to graduate college with honors and a minor in political science. I can definitely see myself going to graduate school to continue my studies.

I’m so grateful to be shadowing at the GCFC, and to speak with the staff members about all their diverse experiences and career paths!

Here’s a short film I recently made called Who Poisoned Ivy: