Meet the Intern: Milan Hargrove

Hey guys, my name is Milan Hargrove. I’m a 15 year-old sophomore at St. Martin de Porres High School and I’m a returning GCFC intern from last year.

At the GCFC last year, I learned new things about the business world and how I should present myself in the world. I learned most of that information from FilmSkills.  FilmSkills videos are about working in and around the film world and how to use different tools when filming. I also learned how to get a job in L.A. or in Cleveland and how to prepare myself for a job.

I decided to come back to the GCFC because I enjoyed building relationships with the staff here at GCFC and learning things about TV, media and more. I also really like it here at GCFC and enjoy being a part of the GCFC.

One of my favorite days here at GCFC last year was when I met Snoop Dogg. Yes, I actually met Snoop Dogg. Crazy right? I never thought that I’ll meet an acutal celebrity at my job. I’m not promising you that you meet more celebrities here, but that day was pretty cool and was a forever memory.

Some parts I know more about the film industry are how the GCFC show different locations to directors. They take pictures of different locations and decide where in the movie scene the locations goes with the most. Before GCFC, I didn’t know that. This year at GCFC I hope to learnmore about how film directors cast actors for movies and what process the actors go through.