Meet the Intern: Margot Reid

Hello! My name is Margot Reid and I am from Gates Mills, Ohio. I am currently attending Fordham University with a major in Global Business with a minor in Film and Television. I just returned from a semester abroad in London, England where I traveled extensively around the UK and Europe. I am extremely excited to be back in Cleveland this summer exploring opportunities in the media industry with the Greater Cleveland Film Commission!

I decided to apply for an internship at the GCFC because it is an organization that combines my greatest passions: film, television, and social justice. As a nonprofit dedicated to improving economic development in Northeast Ohio through culturally enriching activities such as film and media production, it provides opportunities to support and bolster local businesses, minorities, and underprivileged communities. The GCFC is truly a “for purpose” business that seeks to create sustainable growth in Cleveland and other areas in Ohio. I am incredibly grateful that I will be able to contribute to this advancement. 

My goal for this internship is to discern which area of film and TV I am best suited for. I am currently interested in production because of my work as a Student Officer for the New York Film and Television Student Alliance, which is an organization that provides help and support to students in the media industry. This past year we hosted producer Christine Vachon who spoke about how her position blends the creative and innovative aspects of film with the logistical and organizational parts of business. Her description sparked my interest, so I hope to learn more about the production process and where I thrive within it. Ultimately, I hope to work in production on scripted films or live/late night television shows. 

On a more personal note, I am a huge Cleveland sports fan and recently interned with the Content and Production team at the Browns and the Marketing department at the Indians. Additionally, I love theater and am known for scoring extremely cheap tickets to Broadway shows when I am at school. In addition to going to stage shows, one of my favorite activities is seeing films at the theater. There is no greater feeling than experiencing a new movie in that setting. I have trouble picking one movie as my favorite, but I am extremely partial to Forrest Gump, The Empire Strikes Back, and Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. The movies I am most excited to see this summer are Rocketman, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Yesterday, and Booksmart. I am also a dedicated Harry Potter fan and my favorite movie from the franchise is The Prisoner of Azkaban. 

I can’t wait to learn more about the media industry with the GCFC this summer! I know this opportunity will be rewarding and educational.