Meet the Intern: Logan Tiedjen

Howdy! My name is Logan Tiedjen, I have lived in Cleveland, Ohio for my entire life and go to school at the Cleveland High School for Digital Arts; hobbying & lobbying for a career in Acting (Television, Improv, Theatrical, etc.) and Psychology.

I don’t have any favorite shows per se, but a default for laughs that I go to is always “Whose Line is it Anyway”; specifically when Drew Carey ran the show.

I wanted to intern at GCFC because they left a great impression on me when they came to work with my school & class for a quarter, and getting to network with the people who aided in pushing my career choice forward felt like a great step forward. What I want to gain from this internship is a solid start for how I approach my career clearly and calmly, along with exploring what other fields I could apply my talents in that I may not have considered before.