Meet the Intern: Kevin Ng

Hello! My name is Kevin Ng and I’m a freelance photographer and cinematographer from Lakewood, Ohio! I started learning filmmaking in high school at St. Edward and enrolled in the rigorous International Baccalaureate film programme. My passion for cinema was instilled by amazing teachers who taught me that film can be a powerful language of many emotions. Empathy with characters is the most important part
of a film to me. When we created a short documentary called “Razzle Dazzle” that premiered at the CIFF,  that made me realize I wanted to be a filmmaker for life.

It led me to pursue a film studies degree at Baldwin Wallace University. Through college, I’ve made many great friends who I’ve grown with and learned from. It’s important to value relationships, both personal and professional! It’s always important to be nice and to be grateful for who you’re working with.

My favorite movies are from Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai. Some of my top favorites are Fallen Angels, 2046, and In the Mood for Love. I guess you can say I’m a sucker for dramatic romance movies! Currently, I’m watching the X-Files!

Although I’ve been freelancing and doing independent work in Cleveland for many awesome individuals from all walks of life and professions (such as fashion, music, and business), I haven’t quite made the leap into the major leagues! The GCFC is an important organization that brings film to Ohio and helps individuals learn more about the film industry and get real insight and help. So I reached out because some of my friends were interns!

As a shadow for a day, I am grateful and appreciative of the hard working people at GCFC who commit to uplifting Cleveland filmmakers. They’re understanding and embracing. So far my day here has been met with kind people who have so much experience and knowledge in many areas in the industry. I’m looking forward to seeing the faces of those who bring film to Cleveland because I believe in this city and the people!

I hope that I can learn from GCFC and make that leap into professional film sets and get a start as a
PA! My goal is to become a director of photography, so hopefully I can get involved in the camera

You can check out my portfolio here:

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