Meet the Intern: Keith Castillo

Hello, my name is Keith Castillo, and thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and why I have chosen the entertainment film industry as my career. I would also like to thank the Cleveland Film Commission for this opportunity to expose me to the film industry in NorthEast Ohio and Cleveland in particular. I have always had a passion for showmanship, writing, acting, and music. My love of the industry came from my early movies experience of the 70’s by watching the first showing of Jaws, Star Wars, to musical influences that ranged from the Sex Pistols to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, which have all helped create a passion for the entertainment industry.

After my obligation to the Air Force ended. I began my working career in the fashion industry in the early 90’s, as a sales rep for a small cosmetic firm. This led to me becoming a published make-up artist and co-owner of a concept hair salon which combined hair, tattoo’s, piercing, alternative clothing and music, during that time, I rediscovered my passion for photography and film. I was given the opportunity to appear on stage at beauty events and a short time on a local T.V station as a weekend show host.
During Covid I used the lock down as an opportunity to return to school. I graduated from Kent State with a B.A in English-Departmental Honors. During my time at Kent State I wrote a fictional memoir, interning with the Cleveland Film Commission has given me valuable advice on the multitude of career options that the film industry has to offer in the Cleveland Market.
I enjoy watch most movies but some of my favorites are Excalibur, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Apocalypse Now, John Wick, Sherlock Holmes, and too many to mention here. My career aspirations with in the industry are still open except that I wish to focus on behind the scenes versus the actual acting, perhaps a Wardrobe Assistant or Production Assistant.