Meet the Intern: Kaitlyn Strouse

Hello, I am Kaitlyn Strouse! I am currently a student at Cleveland State University. My track in college is a post production. I stay in Cleveland during the academic school year, and I go back to my old town during the summer months or during breaks throughout the year. I will stay with my parents when I get back to my old town. My mother works at our county’s courthouse, while my father is an engineer.

I very much enjoy watching movies, both animated and live movies, and I watch some television. My preferred genres are comedy and action, and I like mystery from time to time. Some of my favorite movies are The Avengers, The League Of Extraordinary Men, as well as some comedies that Jim Carrey stars in. I am excited to also watch the new Wonka movie that was released in December 2023. A lot of what I like about the films is the dialogue, the plot, and how the movie looks.

I wanted to intern at Greater Cleveland Film Commission to get knowledge of how the industry works. As well, to work alongside professionals that are very experienced and have worked on projects around Cleveland. What I hope to get out of this experience is the ability to be able to know the industry better than I do currently. Also, I hope to use these skills I learn to jumpstart my career in the film industry. I am looking forward to getting to do some of the things in the industry even if it is something small. For me any experience is good, no matter how big or small.

Why do I want to be in the film industry? I have loved watching movies. Something just grabbed me and I didn’t know what. While during highschool I had to do a project where we had to write, film, and edit a news broadcast. It kick started my mind into thinking in film terms. It was a group project where we all would have to chip in with each part, other than the editing. I at the time was really interested in editing so I took that role as well. Doing each part was really fun, and in the end the project turned out alright. After that I was pretty set on being in the film industry. Especially in the post production world of film.

As I mentioned in that highschool project, editing was something I chose to do in that project. It was really fun putting the clips together, correcting some audio, and making the project complete. I feel like that is where my choice of going into post production solidified.In my freshman year of college we had to go over each step of filmmaking. We had to make our own scripts, we had to plan the shoots and record, and we had to edit our short films. I didn’t mind the first two tasks, but my post production class is where I feel I excelled best at. During my sophomore year, I am taking post production II and visual effects and I love what I am doing in those classes. In post production we are still learning how to edit, and we are given some more challenging footage to work with. As for visual effects, learning how to animate text, or objects, or just making animations is fascinating to do. I really enjoy learning what I can animate. With being so passionate about the post production aspect, I believe that is the direction I would like to take my career into. If I needed to I would branch out to the different departments, however I am just in love with post production.