Meet the Intern: Jordan Brown

I’m Jordan, a native Clevelander and rising senior at Tulane University. I am an English major with a concentration in creative writing and a Film Studies minor. I know, I will be writing forever! During high school I wrote a script with my former English teacher and two classmates, yet I had not formally studied film until college.

After a class spent analyzing Wes Anderson’s productions from both an amateur perspective as well as through the lens of his literary inspirations, I knew that this was it. My favorite Wes Anderson films are The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore.

Jordan with fellow GCFC Intern Madison Van Buren location scouting east of Downtown Cleveland.

My other all-time picks include Shutter Island, A Cinderella Story, Holes and The Godfather. All have essentially reintroduced me to a childlike experience of magic that cannot otherwise exist in the parameters of everyday life. Movies have instilled within me an an appreciation for my own experience and a feeling of being more deeply connected to the world.

My time with the Greater Cleveland Film Commission has been beyond inspiring. I have especially enjoyed collaborating with the staff, learning script coverage and breakdown as well as completing location scouts. I feel very proud for the opportunity to learn from GCFC’s success in bettering our city.

One of the core pillars of GCFC’s mission is workforce development. Throughout the year, several opportunities are available to high school and college students interested in the media production industry to come work with us and learn not only more about the industry, but also about non-profit organizations and day-to-day office life.