Meet the Intern: Jamari Wilbourn

Hi, my name is Jamari. I am a Freshman attending Saint Martin de Porres High School. I am 14 years old. I am a YouTuber and my goal is to get to 1 million subscribers! In my free time, I like to play games and help others. My favorite thing to do is make YouTube videos for my fans.

My favorite TV show is Spongebob. Now, normally people say, “At a certain age you’re too old for Spongebob”, but for me, Spongebob is for all ages because he is really funny.

I wanted to be an Intern at GCFC because I heard how we go scouting to take pictures for movie producers. Also, I heard that GCFC is in a News Place, and when I thought of everything, I was just like its a good opportunity so I can get better with my editing skills and photo-taking skills.

What do I wish to get out of this? I wish to learn more about editing, specifically with green screens. I never understood green screens and how to replace it with a background. I would love getting photo-taking skills out of this also, so I can take better pictures of places and people. For my career, I would like to focus on my YouTube channel and finish my goal of getting 1 million subscribers. On my channel, I do Gacha and Roblox Content. I tend to switch around; like for half a year, I do Gacha videos and the other half I do Roblox. Or I can mix them together.

My main goal is to become a Thousandaire and have a successful YouTube channel like SSSniperwolf and Infinite; they have like 10 million subscribers. In my opinion, they have to be millionaires or really close to it. But I hope if all goes well, I will return here for my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year. It already seems so fun here with the people that work here, like Maria, Seema, Mike, Juli, and the Intern Joe.

Check out Jamari’s Youtube Channel here!