Meet the Intern: Grace Favarro

Hey there! My name is Grace Favarro and I’m a multidisciplinary artist focused mainly on directing, acting, and singing. Filmmaking became a huge part of my life during my time at Baldwin Wallace University. From class assignments, to passion projects, and even producing the first student/women-led film festival; my most crucial lesson was the importance of collaboration. After graduating with a BFA, I got involved with local film projects working with friends and falling deeper in love with being on set.

Currently I’m directing Burn to Shine Productions’ short film Swipe Right, a horror comedy that breaks the conventions of what it means to be a female villain. Check out our teaser trailer here!

I pursued an internship with the amazing people at the GCFC because I want to learn more about the film industry on a larger scale. My experience with the indie film scene over the past two years has been instrumental to my growth as a filmmaker, and now I feel a pull toward the next step in my career: working on high caliber productions like the ones the GCFC has brought to Cleveland. With the commission’s resources and connections to these films, there is so much to learn. I’m blessed to have this opportunity to be a sponge in their office for the upcoming months!