Meet the Intern: Gary Finley

My name is Garry Finley, I’m 46, and a veteran of the Ohio Army National Guard.

I’ve recently moved into my apartment 3 months ago located in Cleveland, Ohio near the beach. I’ve attended Cleveland State University and Tri-C Metro for a year. My major was Civil Engineering and Recording Arts and Technology.

I enjoy activities such as movies, sports, cooking, documentaries, and visiting places. Although I’ve been out of Cleveland a few times to places such as Italy, Germany, New York, and Indiana, I enjoy visiting the new attractions being built inside Cleveland. My hobbies include music production and building objects.

The opportunity to get into the business of filmmaking, I thought would never happen.

However today I’m at the Greater Cleveland Film Commission which is a good start.

I often wanted to be behind the camera or in a recording and just didn’t get too involved, however, I appreciate what filmmakers do a lot more. The GCFC seems to be the right place for me to learn and grow. I think that this will be a world of experience.

I don’t know what I might learn here but it should be interesting to know; maybe, I’ll get myself an agent or a job behind the screens, in the meantime I’ll learn all I can.

I’m a comic book and action movie fan, and I wish one day that I’ll write a movie in order for the world of entertainment to know I can do some writing as well.  I doubt if I get a chance to film a film but, you never can actually say as long as I turn the right corner it’s inevitable.