Meet the Intern: Faith Starks

Hello! My name is Faith Starks and I am a senior at Trinity High School from Bedford Heights, Ohio. I love to read, listen to music, play soccer, and skateboard, but most of all I love film!

As a child I always loved sitting on the couch with some snacks and watching movies with my family, that interest has stayed with me since. As I got older, I got into editing videos of my favorite movies, shows, and celebrities, learning the mechanics by downloading programs and watching youtube tutorials on how to use them. Showing my mom the videos I created led her mom to sign me up for a program that taught the fundamentals of media production such as research, editing, camera work, lighting, etc. I have been lucky to work on small projects with that program and even work with the 41st and 42nd Cleveland Film Festival, interviewing filmmakers and creating videos from it.

As of now, I aspire to be a cinematographer or a video editor. Currently, I’m watching The Handmaid’s Tale and Euphoria. My favorite show of all time is Orphan Black and my favorite movies are probably Wonder Woman, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, and The Favourite. I love superheroes and sci-fi the most so I hope to one day be apart of the making of a sci-fi production.

I wanted to work at the Greater Cleveland Film Commission mostly because it looked like an interesting place and had something to do with film! I’m hoping to learn a lot more about film and get experience in anything I can during this internship. I am super excited!

Check out Faith’s CIFF41 CIFF² Student Vlog – The Revival