Meet the Intern: Ed Marshall

My name is Ed Marshall. Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with movies and the creation of how something can make it to the big screen. When I was in my final year at Medina High School I decided that it was the path I wanted to take for my career. And I have learned so much since then, not just about the art of filmmaking, but the people that love to create as well.

I currently live in Cleveland, but I am originally from Medina. A city about 40 minutes south of Cleveland, and for as large as it is you cannot help but feel how small it can be.  There is a noticeably small amount of sidewalks and it really is a place where you need a car to drive around. My family has always supported me with my goals and even pushed me to take the next steps that I might be too overwhelmed to see through.

Writing is my main aspiration for the film industry, because just like when I was younger it was creating stories that fascinated me the most. My brother and I always riff with each other about creating new stories and characters. I now use this to write scripts that hopefully will be made onto the big screen. The Commission will help me see that it happens, and while I’m at it I can help others too.