Meet the Intern: Dominic Taylor

My name is Dominic Michale Joseph Taylor. I’m a sophomore at Trinity High School, and I love it there; I’ve already met a lot of great people.

I went to Washington Park Community School for Elementary and Middle School, where I made a lot of memories and met people I’m still friends with ‘till this day. I have five siblings — my only brother Devin is the oldest, 13 years old, my oldest sister is Emma who’s 6 years old, second oldest sister Juliana is 3, Tessa is 2, and my youngest sister Baby Ava is two weeks old. My mom Angie is a stay at home mom and she is a great mom, always trying to do the best for us. My dad’s name is Davie, but everyone calls him David, and he works at a factory.

I love music, it is my life! My favorite artist ever is X or xxxtentcaion or Jasheh Onfroy, he’s a very diverse artist. He sadly passed away last June, but I will always support him (LLJ). I don’t really watch TV, but I do watch Netflix and my favorite show ever is Stranger Things. I love this show: the 80’s vibe to it, the music, everything about it!

I love film, art, and music, but I think I might go down the film route because while I love music a lot, I can just make that a hobby and my actual job will be something to do with film. I think that is the way to go, plus I don’t know how to play any instruments — I do know how to work and use a camera, and have a little experience editing, so I think I’m more qualified for this than music.

I wanted to intern here at the GCFC because I’ve always had a love for film, art, and everything you can make to express yourself, so I thought this is a good place to start. I have only been here for two days, but I really like it so far, and I hope that it only gets better. So far, I love the environment and the vibe (I hate that word); everything is just going great right now. This internship will help me out a lot because it will show me more into film and much more to make me ready for later in life and my whole career.

In this internship I am most looking forward to how much I am going to be able to do, like location scouting. I’m really excited to see where this is going to take me and how many more doors are going to be opened because of this. Speaking of movies, I am excited that we get to be so active with the movies in Cleveland. My favorite movie right now and maybe ever (don’t know yet) is Avengers: Endgame. I mean, who doesn’t love this movie, there is so much to talk about and it is a great finisher to 8 years of films.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, watch out for more of me!