Meet the Intern: Demarco Williams

Hi, my name is Demarco Williams. I am currently a student at Saint Martin De Porres High School, I am in the 11th grade, and I live in the city of Garfield Heights with my Uncle, brother, and little sister. There are ten of us in total, the rest stay with my mom and one of my older sisters has her own place. More about me: I go to after school activities, and take part in one extracurricular right now – Drama Club. Outside of school I love to play sports like basketball, football, MMA, and boxing. Right now I’m working on a YouTube video for my channel.

I like to watch things that are more fantasy, sci-fi, horror, action-packed adventures and blockbuster movies. I’m currently watching Ginny and Georgia on Netflix – so far it is a great show full of everything I like. My favorite TV shows are The Flash, Into the Badlands, and Vampire Diaries. I chose these shows because they are the type that leave you on a cliffhanger, which makes the viewer angry but also excited to see what’s next.

I chose the Greater Cleveland Film Commission for my Corporate Work-study placement because I want to be an actor, or at least get my foot in the door at a young age, and gather knowledge of what to be ready for in my career. Getting the experience now will help me get roles or jobs in the future because I not only want to be on screen, but I want to know how to work behind the scenes. GCFC can help me get to the places I want to be. In this internship I am hoping to get lots of experience and build connections with other people who can also help me become an actor or be on TV as soon as possible. I really love acting and the thought of being on TV and having people watch me and what I can do (like bring smiles to people’s faces) – one of my goals is to be known as one of the greatest actors of all time.

My career inspirations include: Acting, Military, space engineering for NASA, Firefighter, Business Owner.