Meet the Intern: Cole Mihalich

Hi! My name is Cole Mihalich. Firstly, thank you for reading this. Now that you’re here, who am I? Currently, I’m attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, pursuing my BFA in Film and Television plus, minoring in Dramatic Writing. As a film student, I probably have a moral obligation to watch movies.  So, some of my favorites include; Network (‘76) , Jurassic Park (‘93), Lawrence of Arabia (‘62) and Cure (‘97).  While I may go to school in Georgia, I am from Cleveland and have lived here my entire life.

For years, I’ve shot films around Cleveland and my home town Brecksville.  Utilizing the locations in my backyard and showing them in a new light has always been a part of my films and hopefully, it encourages local, younger aspiring filmmakers to do the same. When I first heard about GCFC, I was blown away by the resources they provided for students looking to develop their own careers here in Cleveland.  While in school, I found out more and more just how much of that magic we find in the movies, is really just a lot of great people working very hard. It’s extremely valuable to me that I learn every aspect of production, so it is extremely valuable that I learn about the people at GCFC and their mission.

Currently, I am working on a number of independent shorts. The largest of which will be shooting in Savannah in January. We have nearly hit the goal of our crowdfunding campaign. I hope to bring the film home and show it at one of the wonderful film festivals we have here in Cleveland.

When I graduate in 2025, I hope to direct. Whether it be commercials, television, or features. The process of working with a multi-disciplined team in a high-efficiency, and most importantly, creative environment, is really where I see myself.  Directing for me has never been about being the leader but just being a piece in the puzzle as a collaborator, surrounded by skilled artists and technicians.  I also hope to return to GCFC and work alongside the incredible people here in pushing Cleveland and Ohio films forward.