Meet the Intern: Alisha Fluker

Hello! My name is Alisha Fluker and I am a junior at Saint Martin De Porres High School.

At Saint Martin there is a program called CWSP (corporate work-study program). In this program, the students are sent off to work in the real world at real-life businesses and companies to pay off most of their tuition. In my previous years, I have worked at Saint Agatha Aloysius K-8 elementary and middle school, Excite Health Partners, and now, Greater Cleveland Film Commission!

I live on the west side of Cleveland with my mom, my dad, my twin sister, and my brother. I have one more sister, older, who moved out recently. Growing up I played a lot of sports including basketball, baseball, squash, track, cross country, and volleyball. I am currently a student ambassador at my school and manage a cumulative GPA of 3.87. Some hobbies I enjoy are painting, drawing, taking photos, and reading. Right now my favorite show is Weak Hero Class 1. It is a Korean film and it is in a different language but I still highly recommend watching it!

When CWSP asked me what I wanted to pursue in college I wrote, “Fine arts or Film/photography” so I am really excited to be working here at the Greater Cleveland Film Commission (GCFC). I want to intern at GCFC because I feel like it will give me really great insight and inspiration on how I should approach my future with film. I really think working here will help me get to where I want and/or need to be. I hope that after the internship, I will know more about what it’s like to work in the film industry, good and bad.

I’m also hoping to meet people who work on specific film-based tasks that might interest me or help me with what I’m already interested in. Adding on to that I want to find more things I might be good at and might find interest in. I only know so much about what it takes to make a movie. I know that it’s a lot of work but I want to know more about what exactly needs to be done. How many people/positions does it take? Normally, how long does it take to complete a full film? What are the specific jobs and positions? What part of that process would suit me the best or might pique my interest? I hope to build some connections and I really want to expand my knowledge of the movie-making process and I strongly believe GCFC will help me with that.

When I graduate from high school I know that I want to go into some type of art. I want to create or take part in something that others can enjoy. When I was younger I really enjoyed using cameras and even now, taking pictures and videos. Over time I also grew a hobby of drawing and painting. If I could take any of those things and turn them into a career, that is what I would want to do.

After college, I really don’t know what career I want to pursue but I know what impact I want to have. Film is definitely one of my top choices of career if I do have to pick one now. I really enjoy being behind the camera rather than in front. Making other things/people look good and/or feel good about themselves. I also like the feeling of accomplishment and seeing what I’ve created. When I create something that I enjoy, it really inspires me to do better which is definitely one of my biggest motivators.

I’m hoping that I can continue to work with film or art in the future and make something of it eventually, now with the help of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission. I really am excited to start work!