Meet the Intern: Zahrya Robinson

Hi, my name is Zahrya Robinson and I am a freshman at Saint Martin De Porres high school. I work at GCFC as a part of the work study program at my school , I intern every Wednesday and the occasional Monday. I do this in order to pay the tuition at my school, but my internship also teaches me certain soft skills that every job desires.

I’ve only worked for six days so far and the staff already treats me like I belong here. I usually scout every Wednesday and scouting the city I grew up in has broadened my view of Cleveland. I have unraveled the more beautiful parts of the city that is known as the worst of the worst.

Interning has taken my eyes off of the ideal stereotypes of women limiting them to “ girl things ”and allowed me to further explore my interests in writing. I have aspirations to be a scriptwriter in the near future however my work has already begun as far as development of ideas. I have always been a passionate writer and put the things that are going on around me into my writing, however middle school and further education has greatly influenced me to push even more. Below is an excerpt of a screenplay I have been working on:


The screenplay above is something I’ve been working on with three friends who are all going through something painful. They are all there for each other and they all put their input in on each situation, which makes it both serious and surprising because what the other two’s reaction will be is often unknown.