Meet the Intern: Jereme Gelske

I am currently a Digital Media Production major and Business minor at Kent State University with only one semester left to go until graduation. When I first began college, I was actually a History Major, as my favorite classes were always in that area. I did really enjoy studying History at the University level, but I was scared of what career opportunities awaited me on the other side. This is when I began to think about a different course of action. I started to think about what my true passions were and realized that I would have never found my passion for History without my love of film.

Every day, throughout all of high school and college, I would listen to movie-talk podcasts for two hours after classes and read up on movie news every chance I got. I had never considered actually being a part of the industry until that moment, and thank goodness I decided to pursue it.

Movies have been a key influence on my life for as long as I can remember. Everything about my personality, passions and skill set stems from my love of film. While I don’t know an exact position that I want to pursue, I do know that I want to be part of the creative team at a film studio.

My number one dream would be to work at Marvel Studios, as their films are easily my biggest inspiration for wanting to tackle this industry. Seeing how those incredible characters are adapted to the big screen, and seeing fans get emotional over how much it truly means to them, is incredibly inspiring. They’ve taken a community generally regarded as nerds/outcasts and turned it into the main stream. Not a day goes by where I don’t see a YouTube comment or forum post that talks about how much these films have helped a fan get through the hardest times in their life. I want nothing more than to be a part of that, and help do for someone else what these movies have done for me.

Like most, I crave the opportunity to work out in LA with the largest film studios on the biggest films, but ultimately my dream is to be able to work and live in Cleveland. This was never really a possibility, up until the Greater Cleveland Film Commission decided to do something about it. The GCFC is working each and every day to help students and professionals find work in film/television.

I’ve known about the commission for some time, but only truly learned about what they do during my freshman year of college. Ever since then, it was my goal to land an internship here, and I’m forever grateful that I finally got it. I’ve already learned so much and have met so many incredible people that I would have otherwise never known. I look forward to helping the Commission bring jobs to Cleveland in any way that I can.