Intern Update: Madison Van Buren

Former GCFC Intern Madison Van Buren, currently a senior at Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD), recently updated us on what she’s doing now, including the progress on her senior thesis film, a narrative short titled Portrait of My Midwest: a Thesis Film.

Madison will receive her BFA in Film and Video this coming December (2020).

For my senior thesis, I wanted to make a love letter to everything I’ve ever known. For context, I grew up with my 2 cousins. We became best friends in the way cousins in close-knit families often do. One of them is still my best friend, the person I trust the most. The other is addicted to heroin. This story isn’t an ending or a beginning – it is a middle. It’s about where we are now. I try to put myself in my best friend’s shoes some days and think about what it’s like to lose touch with your only sister.  My best friend lives in grey space – there’s no telling where we as a family are going to end up. Addiction isn’t linear, recover isn’t guaranteed. Seeing the ones you can’t live without deteriorate, with no way to stop it, changes you. Changes us. I’m making this film to let you know how it feels.

I am still currently accepting donations. For post-production audio services, I am in need of $1,350 to compensate the engineer I’d like to hire. Post-production audio services will need to be paid by April 24th. 

If anyone would be interested in donating to my film, they can contact me directly through by THIS email, or through my website at

Since I’d like to enter the short into the festival circuit, it will not be publicly available online. However, those who donate $20 or more have the option of a private access Vimeo link to the project when completed.

A CCAD public premiere is slotted for September.