GCFC’s Impact on an Intern: Jada Jenkins

Jada was one of our Spring 2018 college interns. She was a big help at our events, in the office, and with our production department. She just graduated from Kent State University, and will be pursing a career in the media production industry starting this fall!

Jada scouting with our other spring intern Jereme.

During my time as intern with GCFC, I have learned a lot about film and the growing industry. Working with the Commission definitely had its perks – from the cool merchandise, location scouts and networking opportunities – but it was also a learning experience that I will never forget. I had the opportunity to experience the pre-production and office work that goes into the creation of a film and the expansion of the Northeast Ohio industry.

With this being my first internship during my college career, I think that I have gained a great amount of knowledge that will help me throughout my career in entertainment. I learned about the work behind the scenes of this industry and all that goes into it – including office work, meetings, social events and etc. I obtained firsthand knowledge about the business side of the film industry and the importance of each intricate piece when creating new productions. I could learn how to work a camera or create a logo via some software within a classroom but I could not have learned how to explore my options, work within an actual office setting and network effectively like I have done while working with GCFC. I learned how to breakdown scripts, scout locations within the city, expand the community outreach of NE Ohio, and operatively bring films to Cleveland. I was also given many opportunities while working with the commission, including a potential position on a film set.

This internship has been a wonderful experience and has prepared me most by throwing me into a setting that I was not used to while giving me the opportunity to explore different careers outside of those that I initially desired. I have gotten to learn more about work within the industry that is not always discussed but nonetheless gets the job, and the film, done. I was able to work closely with the seven amazing staff members at GCFC.  Everyone in the office was very welcoming, open to any questions that I had and made me feel like I was part of the team. They did not treat me as some young college student who did not know what she was doing, they offered guidance and support throughout the entirety of my internship. I am proud to say that I had the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from the fantastic staff at the Greater Cleveland Film Commission.