My Favorite Places in CLE by Colette Jefferson

Quicken Loans Arena
The Cavaliers play here and there are concerts almost every weekend- nothing better. Every time I go in the Q, whether it’s for a game or for a concert, the atmosphere is always energetic. It’s also that much better when you look up to see the 2016 NBA Champions banner hanging above the court.

Progressive Field
Many Clevelanders and Ohioans basically grew up at Progressive Field (or Jacob’s Field, if you’re a true Clevelander), including me. It’s a fun time all the time, and it’s the home of the (w)Indians- not much explaining needed.

East 4th Street
If you go downtown for any holiday or special occasion, you are sure to find the party on East 4th Street. There are restaurants for everyone, stores, and the atmosphere gives off lively and energetic vibes. Whenever I am downtown with friends, the first thing we do is go to East 4th Street. It’s literally impossible to not go down East 4th when you are downtown- that’s how fun it is!