Warner Bros. Brass Reaffirm Commitment to Theatrical Movies

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images; Jim Spellman/WireImage
Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff, AT&T president and WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey








Warner Bros. late Wednesday reaffirmed the studio’s commitment to the cinematic experience in hopes of clearing up confusion over comments made to investors by WarnerMedia boss John Stankey earlier in the day about the future of the theatrical model.

“We are committed to — and are excited about — releasing Tenet in theaters this summer or whenever theaters reopen. We remain supportive of the theatrical experience and our exhibition partners, and are confident that our tentpole titles, including Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984, are exactly the type of films that will have people eager to return to theaters,” Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.




Source: The Hollywood Reporter | Pamela McClintock
April 22, 2020