The state of the Cleveland film industry during the coronavirus pandemic

The film industry in Cleveland was beginning to thrive before COVID-19 brought filming and production to a halt.

“Unfortunately, the breaks were put on because you have to think of all the other industries that are impacted, just to crew a film. If the vendors aren’t able to work, a production is unable to work,” says Evan Miller, President of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission.

Miller continued, “We had a Netflix film that was in the middle of its 5 day shoot and then we had a Lion’s Gate film that was prepping to shoot here. That was actually supposed to start next week and they had to go on a hold.”

The good news, Miller says, is that Lion’s Gate film is planning to come back. Not only that, but with Ohio’s current situation compared to other states, there are plenty of other projects calling as well.



Source:  WKYC Channel 3 | Will Ujek
April 23, 2020