NYC Mayor’s Office Leads Early Talks About Road Back For Film And TV Producers In COVID-19 Epicenter

Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of the signature shows produced in New York.







With production at a standstill in most of the world, the path back for New York-based film and TV producers is particularly fraught.

The city is the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, with nearly 300,000 people infected and about 18,000 people dead.

In an effort to coordinate the early conversations about the restart, the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment is convening the first of two Zoom calls Thursday for those in the industry affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Hundreds of freelance filmmakers, craftspeople, producers and executives are expected to dial in given the swirl of uncertainty and the acute safety and financial hazards that lie ahead.







Source: | Dade Hayes
April 30, 2020