Marvel’s ‘Blade’ is coming to Cleveland – but who is he?

Wesley Snipes starred in three films as Blade from 1998-2004. The Marvel character, created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gene Colan, is slated to return to the silver screen next year — now played by Mahershala Ali. [Marvel Enterprises/New Line Cinema]

October 7, 2022

The next superhero movie to shoot in Cleveland was supposed to start production in November – until director Bassam Tariq dropped out in September. Many production crewmembers pivoted to other projects, but “Blade” is still projected to come here early next year.

It’s a reboot of the Wesley Snipes “Blade” films released from 1998-2004. The character is a dhampir, meaning he’s part vampire. And yet he’s working to rid the world of vampires – a classic superhero conflict.

“He inherited characteristics of vampires, but none of the weaknesses,” said comic book expert Michael Sangiacomo. “He can walk in the day. He has super strength healing ability, like Wolverine. He can’t transform into a bat or anything like that, but he’s got super agility. He’s a fascinating character.”