Former Youngstown resident and ‘This Is Us’ writer Vera Herbert discusses new feature film ‘Don’t Let Me Go’

Don’t Let Me Go begins streaming July 15 on Prime Video. (Courtesy of Amazon Content Services) Courtesy of Prime Video







SOURCE: | John Benson
July 11, 2022

CLEVELAND, Ohio — There’s perhaps nothing more awkward than a father looking for a fun day out with his daughter but accidentally taking her to a nude beach instead.

That uncomfortableness you’re feeling acts as the heartbeat of new feature film “Don’t Let Me Go,” which begins streaming Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

While the drama includes plenty of comedy, “Don’t Make Me G”o follows a single father (John Cho) and his reluctant teenage daughter (Mia Isaac) as they embark on an unforgettable cross-country road trip discovering new levels of their love for each other and the unexpected twists and turns life has in store.

The movie was written by Vera Herbert, a former Youngstown resident who graduated from Ursuline High School in 2007. The four-time Emmy-nominated writer and producer is best known for her work on NBC series “This is Us.

We recently caught up with Herbert to talk about “Don’t Let Me Go,” father-daughter relationships and nude beaches.