Filmmaker David Wain On The Personal Legacy Of His Famous Cleveland Father

David Wain (far right) and sisters Beth Brandon, Cathy Stamler, and Amy Garnitz pose with their father, Norman, in 2018 [David Wain]








SOURCE: Ideastream | David C. Barnett
November 12, 2020

David Wain made his first impression as an entertainer as part of a sketch comedy troupe, “The State” on MTV, in the early 1990s. Members of that group would go on to make “Wet Hot American Summer,” a 2001 film about summer camp.

The film bombed at the box office but subsequently became a cult favorite. Wain and his comedy colleagues have continued this streak with a number of other films and TV shows, including a new series on Netflix called “Medical Police.”

David Wain’s father, Norman, started as a Cleveland disc jockey in the 1950s.